Goodnight Scranton

  • A classic children's book meets a classic TV show in Goodnight Scranton, a fun bedtime book made by a fan for fans. Is your bookshelf reallly complete without it? 



“World’s Best Book: New Picture Book Will Introduce Kids to ‘The Office”
“Fun At The Office Children's Book Is The Dunder Mifflin Bedtime Story Your Kids Need”
“Introduce Your Kids to The Office With This Children's Book — Jim's Pranks Included”
“Now you can finally introduce your kiddo to your fave friends from The Office—and no, we don’t mean your co-workers.”
Red Tricycle

Fun At The Office 

  • 'Fun At The Office' features all of the best moments from The Office, like when Michael Scott grills his foot on a George Foreman grill, when Dwight Schrute finds his stapler encased in Jello, and when Kevin Malone spills the beans. It's a fun one.